Annual Inspections

Our team of technicians can carry annual inspections of lifeboats, free fall boats, fast rescue boats, davits and winches in any location locally or internationally. We are able to perform the service day or night, 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

5 Year Inspection

Load testing, dynamic brake testing, static load testing, re hooking programs, class society witness, everything is available for lifeboats, free fall boats, fast rescue boats, davits or winches. We are able to control various brands of safety equipment.

Load Testing

Load testing available in any port any location, always witnessed by class society.


Vancouver Lfieraft & Safety is able to commission any davit on board of your vessel, in any port locally or international.


We provide maintenance of your free fall boats, lifeboats, fast rescue boats, davits or winches meeting high standards required by SOLAS, class society and flag states.

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Oriental preccision


Vancouver Liferaft is approved by Transport Canada.

Transport Canada
Viking Life-Saving Equipment