Viking RescYou Coastal

Viking RescYou Coastal

Viking quality in a life raft that exceeds the ISO 9650-2 standard. An ISO 9650-2 coastal emergency pack is included, containing equipment covering all basic needs for coastal cruising and sailing near rescue points. This life raft is the lightest from our products.

  • 6 passengers


6 person
Stowed Dimensions
30" x 23"
Mounted in cradle(H)
Weight (inc. equipment)
71 lbs
Stowed Dimensions
32" x 16"
Mounted in cradle(H)
Weight (inc. equipment)
62 lbs

Product Detail

Special features

Special Features

  • Automatically inflating canopy - three separate air chambers
  • Rigid boarding ramp with ladder for easy access
  • Two openings: one large, one small providing cross ventilation and view of the horizon
  • Easy slide zippers close from bottom up enabling ability to increase freeboard
  • Internal and external lifelines


Fluorescent yellow canopy improve visibility with black buoyancy compartments with white lifelines

Ballast Bags

4 large quick filling bags, each containing 55 litres for maximum stability


Automatic exterior strobe light and interior light

Storage options

Packed in a compact water resistant valise or a low profile high gloss fibreglass container which may be deck or rail mounted


Natural rubber and acrylic/silicon coated nylon

Retro-reflective Tape

Fitted with SOLAS high visibility retro flective tape on canopy, sides, bottom and buoyancy compartments

Emergency Pack

Equipped with a coastal emergency pack

Main Areas of Application

Coastal cruising and sport fishing


The RescYou liferaft meets or exceeds the required ISO 9650-2 standards


The complete overview

Mounting Instructions without HRU on deck

Mounting Instructions with HRU on deck

Mounting Instructions without HRU on railing

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