Viking life raft 25 DK+

Viking life raft 25 DK+

Approved according to SOLAS LSA-code, EC Directive 96/98/EC and USCG.

25 persons throw overboard life raft. For use on commercial vessels, fishing vessels, passenger vessels and offshore installations. The throw overboard lifer aft is released from its cradle and thrown overboard, or slides automatically when released. Once waterborne, the life raft inflates on a hard pull of the painter line and is then ready for boarding. Delivered in fibre-glass container.

  • 25 passengers


25 DK+ with solas A pack
Stowed Dimensions
1385 mm x 790 mm x 735 mm
Mounted in cradle(H)
Weight (inc. equipment)
330 lbs
25 DK+ with solas B pack
Stowed Dimensions
1355 mm x 780 mm x 685 mm
Mounted in cradle(H)
713 mm
Weight (inc. equipment)
268 lbs

Product Detail

Special features

Special Features

  • Equipped with emergency packs and life raft equipment according to SOLAS and flag requirements.
  • Provided with two individual buoyancy compartments. Even if one compartment is damaged, the other still has sufficient buoyancy to carry the specified number of passengers.
  • Stored in a rigid fibre glass container for durability.
  • Installed onboard either on cradles, racks, or stacked
    column racks
  • Life rafts can be equipped with a hydrostatic release unit to ensure that it inflates automatically if it has not been released manually.
  • Life rafts are subjected to rough sea trials, wind velocity tests at forces of 30 metres per second and deployment at extremely low temperatures. Self-righting life rafts are also tested for automatic self-righting capabilities.