SOLAS Lifejacket – Adult

SOLAS 2010 Approved Lifejacket (Commercial) Adult

Transport Canada approved

Viking Immersion Suit PS 2007

PS2007 VIKING Immersion suit, Neoprene, with buoyancy head support, TC approved

Smoke signal

The Comet life smoke is a small and compact distress signal for daylight use designed for stowage in life rafts

Parachute signal rocket

MED +SOLAS Approved distress signalling parachute rocket.

Red Handflare

Unique, compact, telescopic handle allows easy extension for safe operation and saves space when stowed in life rafts.

Line thrower

Line thrower 250

Hydrostatic Release Unit – H20

The H20 has a weak link, but there’s nothing weak about it.


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